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Some of my past and current TeX/LaTeX projects.

Chess article

In 2007, Yuri Robbbers from the PracTeX journal offered me to write an article for the issue 2007-1 "Graphics in TeX" about my program ChessTask. A bit reluctant at first, I finally gave in and compiled a few tasks...

Square concepts
The article in PDF format, for direct download. Please, also take a look at the complete table of contents for the issue "Graphics in TeX".

Contributions to the skak package

After wasting my time with dbchess.sty (see below), I found the skak package for LaTeX one day. It was exactly what I needed for ChessTask, well almost. So I contributed a few bits of code and documentation to the skak project...

  • First draft of the "Informator symbols" in METAFONT (later improved by Ulrich Dirr), as taken from my dbchess.sty.
  • Some DVI special/Postscript trickery for reducing the size of resulting PS files.
  • Added a "chess comment" environment, where the PGN moves don't get parsed.
  • Added the "times" (X) and "circle" (O) symbols as "highlight markers".
  • Some documentation stuff, like a complete syntax specification for a new PGN input parser.

Old dbchess style

This is the first draft of my own chess LaTeX style, based on chess.sty by Piet Tutelaers. I used it for the output of chess boards and notation in my first versions of ChessTask. Later, it was replaced by the skak package. I keep it here for historical reasons mainly.

LaTeX style file...please do not use this, but check out the skak package instead.

Major scales with MusixTeX

These scales were my very first MusixTeX project, so it took some while and a lot of fiddling to get satisfying results. I used teTeX under SuSE Linux 8.0 and MusixTeX 0.51, without any client like noteedit or lilypond involved. The files are available as PDF, PS (PostScript) and LaTeX source files where each ZIP archive contains two versions of the Major scales: one with bass tab infos and one without them.

PDF files (ZIP archive, 20K)
PS files (ZIP archive, 21K)
LaTeX source files (ZIP archive, 3K)